Çimtaş Precision Has Manufactured and Shipped its 12,500th Combustion Casing

Çimtaş Precision has manufactured and shipped its 12.500th Combustion Casing to its power and aerospace customers around the globe from its state-of-the-art facilities located in the Bursa Free Trade Zone, Türkiye.

Çimtaş Precision specializes in the manufacturing of gas turbine combustion components. The combustion casing is one of the most important parts in its portfolio. Cimtas Precision offers high added value solutions to its customers with not only the machining of parts but with its various special processes such as HVOF and TBC coating, shot peening, macro etch, conventional and non-conventional welding including electron beam welding and robotic CMT laser.

The parts manufactured by Çimtaş Precision support its customers to provide power by being installed in power plants across the globe. Çimtaş Precision works continuously to serve its customers better with high value added, cutting edge processes, and become a preferred partner providing one stop solutions for complex parts and projects.