Manufacturing Capabilities

Special Processes


Electron Beam Welding (EBW) - Nadcap Approved!

With the utilization of strong electric fields and magnetic lenses, all operated under vacuum, electrons are accelerated and tightly focused to create a beam shaped into a narrow cone that enables the operator to penetrate metals and heat them to the point where they can be joined, in other words welded together. EBW allows welding of different materials.

High Vacuum Electron Beam Welding Equipment

  • 15 kW, 3.1 m³ (110 ft³)
  • 30 kW, 11.3 m³ (400 ft³)

- Qualified in Various Steels, Nickel Alloys, Superalloys and Dissimilar Materials

- 0.7 mm (0.02") - 100 mm (4")