With the short-, and long-term internship opportunities offered to students from vocational / commercial high schools, vocational schools of higher education and universities, Çimtaş supports students in their preparation for business life and their personal improvement.

Within the scope of internship programs, helping students in experiencing the practice and implementation of the theoretical education they receive in school and in forming general opinion about the business life is aimed.

Our company accepts summer intership applications in May and school year intership applications in September.

Internship Program
Students who wish to be intern in our company can apply through our web site, by completing an internship application form during career days, through their schools, or by personally submitting their application to our company.

Internship applications will be accepted through CVs conveyed to our Human Resources department via our web site, applications submitted personally to the Human Resources department, forms completed by the students directed by the schools, or application forms submitted during the career days of universities.

Internship interviews are made with the internship candidates, who meet preliminary admission criteria, and for the candidates whose interview results are positive, the internship periods are determined. 

Preliminary admission criteria are:

  • The academic achievement level of the student (grade-point average), and
  • The compatibility of the student’s branch of education with Çimtaş’ fields of activity.

At the end of the orientation training provided within the first week of internship, the students are positioned at the departments where they will complete their internship.

Throughout their internship, the students are informed about the corporate culture, activities of the company and the practices at the company, and also, they have the opportunity to learn about the business life practices related with their own department. The interns from the universities are expected to make a presentation, summarizing the knowledge they gained, at the end of their internship.

To apply for internship, you can submit your CV to the section of Internship Application in the “How to Apply” field on the page “Recruitment”.