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Çimtaş Machining, a fully owned subsidiary of Çimtaş Steel, is a leading provider of manufacturing solutions to the power and aerospace industries. Located in the Bursa Free Trade Zone in Türkiye, partners with OEMs for new generation flagship programs, specializes in the manufacturing of complex gas turbine components and modules.

Çimtaş Machining, works with a variety of materials, including steel, special nickel alloys, titanium, and exotic metals, and is capable of manufacturing complex parts with tight tolerances. Nadcap approved special processes ensure that the highest quality standards are met, and common corporate policy of attaining and maintaining Zero Accident at all work sites prioritizes the safety of human beings. 

Çimtaş Machining’s team of skilled and experienced professionals are equipped with the latest technology and tools, enabling them to provide the most precise and efficient manufacturing solutions to the OEMs. Çimtaş Machining is committed to delivering sustainable results on time, every time, and strives to build long-term relationships with its clients based on exceptional products and service.

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