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Çimtaş Precision, a subsidiary of the ENKA/Çimtaş Group, was established at the Bursa Free Trade Zone in 2013 and its main area of expertise is performance-critical/rotating parts for aero, aero-derivative, and heavy-duty gas turbines.

With its new generation multi-axis machines, Nadcap approved special processes, laboratories, non-destructive testing lines, and highly qualified personnel, Çimtaş Precision collaborates with the leading companies of the Aviation and Power industries. Çimtaş Precision has the capability to work on a wide array of metallurgy including aviation grade titanium and nickel based super alloys. 

Çimtaş Precision with its 12,000 square meters of facilities, strong engineering, quality, and special process* infrastructure; successfully competes in the global market by implementing and developing gas turbine component manufacturing technologies at the highest level of efficiency.

*Çimtaş Precision Machining applies special processes, multi-axis CNC precision machining, automatic and manual welding, electron beam welding, cutting, bending, non-destructive testing, 3D CMM & Laser Inspection, high temperature atmospheric & vacuum heat treatment and soldering, automatic sandblasting, coating, etching, chemical analysis, metallographic evaluation and surface treatments during its manufacturing flow. 

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Çimtaş Group

Çimtaș Group, a subsidiary of ENKA, with over 45 years of experience and 7 production shops including welded pipe and fitting manufacturing shops, has over 160,000 mt/year fabrication and 160,000 mt/year manufacturing capacity and provides engineering (plant engineering, piping, branch connections, pressure vessels, structural), procurement (mechanical equipment, piping, valve supports, structural), welded fabrication, LSAW pipes and fittings manufacturing, precision machining, modularization and installation services to the leading customers of pOG&C, Power, Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Metal & Mining industries and Construction projects.


Founded in 1957, ENKA is a global engineering, construction and project management company. ENKA works on projects that range from civil, infrastructure, power, oil-gas and petrochemicals.

  • More than 500 projects in 45 countries with historical value of US$ 45 billion
  • 72ⁿd in ENR International Contractors List
  • More than 30,000 employees...read more

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