About US


Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Offshore oil and gas, Onshore oil and gas, Petrochemicals, Pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas


Power Plants

Power plants using a variety of fuel sources, including coal, gas, oil, nuclear, and wind



Bridges, Highways, Hydroelectric Power, Ports, Rail


Building Works

Airports, Business Centers & High-rises, Mall & Shopping Centers, Industrial Plants, Public Buildings, Urban Developments 


Safety and Quality

Safety and Quality are core values at ENKA.

Quality Management is a merit, ENKA interprets and complies with, from engineering design through commissioning.

"I promise and also invite you to promise that I will fulfill the duties of my job in a safe manner and return home safe and healthy" is a commitment of all ENKA people which affects each and every business decision taken at any given time by all decision makers in the organization. In addition, it is a key indicator of the organizational stand on excellence.