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Çimtaş Ethics & Complience Policy

“Çimtaş Rules of Ethical Conduct” intends to identify the Individual Conduct Rules required to be complied with by the Employees of Çimtaş and the principles of corporate application thereof in compliance with the Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies of Çimtaş as well as to put down on paper any ethical principles applicable to the relations of Çimtaş with its clients, suppliers and any other business partners.

Knowing and properly implementing our Rules of Ethical Conduct as well as our Common Corporate Applications as detailed in the Reference Documents by all of our Employees will not only contribute to provisioning of the substantivity and sustainability of our Corporate Culture but also to acceleration of the process of adaptation of our new teammates to Çimtaş Culture.

We believe that being principled standardized and carefully in our Common Corporate Applications and Conducts will have its reflections on the results of our businesses and enhance the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

“Çimtaş Rules of Ethical Conduct” is one of the most essential means for carrying Çimtaş Culture into the future by virtue of Common Corporate Applications, and it is amongst the main tasks and responsibilities of all Çimtaş Managers to make them known and complied with by all Çimtaş Employees, and to take the lead and serve as a model and set an example in the implementation thereof.

All Çimtaş Employees are obliged to and the business partners of Çimtaş are expected to comply with the “Çimtaş Rules of Ethical Conduct”.

We thank all Çimtaş Employees in advance for their commitment and attention to our Common Corporate Applications, Values and Rules of Ethical Conduct as applicable by our Company.